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HoneyBoy is a small photo story project following a brief insight to the daily life of Andy, the founder and creator of Honeyboy Amps. 


 I was drawn to Andy's story as I was intrigued by his ambition to set up this unique business and wanted to show his passion and craftsmanship, all coming from his very own kitchen and garage. 

HoneyBoy Amps workshop in a West-Dumbartonshire home garage
It can feel lonely but because you're on your own, you have every job in the business to do
"Big bottom end and a killer crunch, like a hippo falling into a truck load of monster munch"
"Not only is attention to detail and design spot on, you’re pumping out some fantastic tone monsters
Your house is your home, your house is your workshop, your house is your office, your house.
"The quality of the overall workmanship, as well as the look and feel of the whole amp is a delight. don't really have to think about this bit, you just let your mind wonder
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